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NFT Music Consultants are now on the bleeding edge of change that will very shortly sweep the music industry. Understanding how to develop an NFT strategy then implement, manage, and execute it is a heavy lift. We are the consultants you need to provide solutions, technology, and strategy for your NFT initiatives.

We started back in 2012 with our idea “Fan Files” to encrypt digital files that the investment houses and major labels did not have the vision to see. The principles in that plan combined with blockchain technology are going to revolutionize the music industry space. Record labels are scrambling to understand how this is going to affect their business models and how they will navigate this new space. By the time they find and recruit the talent they will have fallen so far behind that it will have devastating effects on their positions and long-term revenue.

As NFT Consultants we will help you craft goals, objectives, strategies, and employ tactics so you win in the NFT marketplace.

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