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Artists today can record their music affordably, with digital distribution and social media, reach an enormous market. Stores are no longer closed, sales and streaming happens 24/7. The potential for success is there, but to achieve it, there needs to be a high level of career planning and organization that most artists cannot formulate or execute effectively. 

In the past, record labels had a hold on the artist because of “barriers to entry”: recording, distribution, radio play, retail access, promotion and marketing plus real-world experience. Record labels would assist artists in overcoming these barriers and in return have the artist’s copyrights assigned to them, taking the lions share of income, paying the artist a small % of “Net” sales only after they recouped. The only initial upside for the artist was the potential advance against sales but more often than not any artist who had minimal success regretted taking money up front and paying it back at a large comparative interest rate. Many artists ended up taking their labels to court trying to get the rights to their music returned to them. With 360 deals, you give up even more… unless you can negotiate with some juice! 

So, how do you know you are ready to approach the big labels without getting ignored or taken to the cleaners with a bad deal? We can help you get ready for that big moment in your career.

What we are listening for is a great song!

Get your music reviewed by professionals.

We provide a&r services for a select few, is that you?

Limited spots available for executive consulting.

Accelerate your career with executive management consulting by industry veterans who have been through this a thousand times and can help your career get to where you want it, faster. Pricing starts at $3,000/month. Includes a full review of your music and image to enhance what you have. Guidance through management and representation.

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