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When being an independent musician becomes detrimental

Ah the joy of being indie, that’s right, an independent musician, free to do whatever I want, on my terms, whenever I want to. No fear of being screwed or told what to do by distributors and record label executives. It is so bracing!But here I am, talented, charismatic and slowly building my fan base […]

The All-Skate Philosphy; its problems and solutions for the entertainment industry.

Remember the old skating rinks where you would go as a kid to meet girls, hang with your friends, and skate. They had a time when only the girls would skate, then only the boys, then the skilled skaters who could skate backward, do figure eights, jumps, spins, and tricks. Then they announced, “All Skate” […]

The All Skate Philosophy (Solutions & The Future)

Like most industries when challenged with change to the status quo and the way business is done, they change, they adapt, or they die. Why the music, film and book publishing businesses have morphed to this moment in time has not been by accident, business forces with insight have crafted this new industry for their […]